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George Seldes and Censorship of the Press

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Censorship in the media of the United States can hide the complete truth from its people in order to benefit the leaders and cooperate companies, despite what negative effects it may have on the public. The antifascist, foreign correspondent George Seldes spoke out against censors in his works, among them, You Cant Print That!. He tried to explain to the public how advertisements and the government limit what they can know for their own benefit.

Censorship of the press hides the whole truth from readers. It only reveals what the censors want the citizens to see. The government hides truths from the public because these truths might make the people question their support for their country, or worse, their support at election time. Government officials are afraid to let the public see mistakes their country makes and forms their own decisions and vote accordingly. The leaders would much rather show the people only what the country does right, and have an ignorant, yet whole-hearted opinion from society.

George Seldes was against censorship, but according to him, most of the censors came from advertising and not only the government. He believed that the advertisements control what goes in and out of the newspaper and other media because of the media’s dependence on their financial support. The advertisers pressure the press to change reports and stories according to what the advertisers want to sell.

Advertisers want the public to buy their product, so they will constantly show only people ecstatic with their product. They also will not use any means of showing America their goods that mentions something against them, so the media cannot let the public know if the product might be questionable. An example of this is when tobacco ads were out in newspapers. The companies would not put ads in papers advised readers against smoking, so the papers who needed the money for the advertisements needed to appear to condone smoking, despite the known health risks. They could not make the risks known to the public for fear they would lose their funding.

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The public deserves to know everything that is going on with their country, but the censors will not permit that if it might affect the citizens’ support. Perhaps censorship is not all bad, but as Seldes said in Lords of the Press, “A people that wants to be free must arm itself with a free press” and there can be no such thing until censors allow the public to know whole truths.

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