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In the video The Lost Children of Rockdale County, the children seem to have no direction. Without any direction they commit harmful acts such as drinking, using drugs and having adolescent sex. These actions seem to be the norm for the kids in Conyers Georgia. These kids don’t have direction primarily because of the parents. Other than pay real attention to these adolescents, the parents spoil them with riches. It seems like they don’t really care enough for the safety of their children.

The fact that was most prevalent in the movie was that the parents did not pay enough attention to their kids. A great example of this is with DJ. Even though he didn’t have real parents, his guardian gave him anything he wanted and didn’t care whether or not he had parties at the house. Like DJ said, he was missing a love connection with a mother or father figure. He yearned for that kind of relationship but never received it. The absence of a family relationship and being given anything he wanted only provoked his behavior.

It seemed as if though when brought to the town meeting, the parents denied the fact that their children where acting in such a wrong manner having sex and contracting syphilis. These kids separated form their parents and formed their own identity and did not receive any attention. When Kevin’s parents allowed him and his friend Keith to go to Panama without really asking them what it was about, they had to deal with the most dreadful consequence of dealing with a lost life. The parents of these children were weak. They needed to have more authority over their kids.

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The children of Rockdale County had way too much freedom. Their parents needed to treat them with more discipline and at the same time with more attention. In doing this they would have helped their kids to develop more self-restraint over themselves. This is still a problem with some kids today. They have no direction and end up participating in harmful activities. The family part of life is so important to most kids. Although some kids are very strong and are able survive without family attention, there are many kids out there whose relationship with their families reflect their actions. The parents need to take more charge of their kids and actually express that hey truly so care about them.

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