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henry lawson

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BGHS Trial HSC henry Lawson.

Good morning members of the audience and distinguished guests, I am here to talk to you today about my ‘Experience through language’. I am sure you’ve all read a good narrative but never really delved deep to understand how and why it was effective. Next year when you start your HSC, don’t moan its not that bad, you will study henry Lawson ‘telling stories’ this is, in my opinion, the most interesting core. Whilst learning about narrative technique you learn about bush life, and the experiences that come with it. My favourite short story was “the loaded dog” and the related text “the man from iron bark” by another famous Australian composer A.B Paterson.

In my opinion Lawson’s use of language was what made “the loaded dog” such a popular bush yarn. The language that Lawson uses is vernacular and idiomatically Australian. This establishes purpose, setting, and the time that it is set in. “the loaded dog” is told by a laconic. The dialogue is colourfully colloquial, this lends to the casual tone of the story an example of this would be “ your dorgs run orf inter the scrub”.

The Australian euphemisms that are used throughout the story like Tommy the “blanky retriever” or Dave who is referred to by the republican as a “crimson fool”. This is a lighthearted positive look at the bush and focuses on mateship and the extreme event of Tommy with the live cartridge in his mouth.

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Has anyone ion the audience ever had a hair-brained extreme plan?

I’m sure you all have. But if you haven’t think back to the Simpson’s and Barts and homers ludicrous ideas. This is one of the reasons why the story is so affect, it appeals to young and old alike as we can identify with the trios hair-brained plan to blow up the creek to get the fish out, ok maybe not that extreme but you know what I mean. Besides this the setting is realistic and the idea plausible. Through Lawson’s development of the protagonists, Dave, Andy and Jim, we, the audience feel as if we know them and we are in on the plan as well. They are characterised through hillarious colloquial terms like “he wasn’t interested in their damn silliness”. The terminology used in this story is simple and evocative like Dave’s toothache having a “burred edge”. The similes used by Lawson make it possible for the audience to visualise what is happening

“he jumped around like a flee having a fit”. Can you imagine that? Pretty funny isn’t it? Lawson’s use of alliteration formulates the atmosphere. We are told of Tommy’s retrieval habits and how the men discovered the dead cat at the tent opening when they “sniffed suspiciously in the sickly smothering atmosphere”. The tension is built up through the laborious description of the making of the cartridge. This draws our attention to the cartridge and helps build up the tension of the story. Slapstick humour is interested when we find out that Tommy has the live cartridge “wedged in his broadest and silliest grin” and of course we all know what the consequences of the bomb will be, don’t we? KABOOM! The men know this too but Tommy thinks that it is all just fun and games. When jims legs “started with a jolt… his legs started before his brain did” we are introduce to a rather comical aspect of the story because when visualised this scene is reminiscent of a cartoon. The chaotic chase is made even more so through the use of alliterative references like “Dave dodged” and “snatched up sticks and stones”. Lawson’s clever use of short sharp sentences adds to the urgency of the situation that is experienced by both the audience and the characters. The fact that Lawson focuses on the effects of the blast rather than the blast itself “it was good blasting powder… and excellently made” the tension and suspense is maintained. Through the use of these very effective techniques Lawson has created a memorable bush yarn.

The eight-stanza poem “the man from ironbark” by A.B Paterson is a hilarious poem concerning a man from ironbark who goes to get a full faced shave in the city. But because the barber was “a humorist at note- and keen at repartee” he pretends to cut his throat. “With the red hot razor sliced back across his throat!”, so the man from ironbark “knocks him out” and I’m sure that you would too if someone tried to kill you!! However, “twas only a joke a trifle over done”

In conclusion these two texts should show you just how interesting and how deep you can delve into understanding effective narrative technique. Enjoy year 1 and thankyou for your attention.

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