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kron essay

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In the essay “The Semiotics of Home D�cor”, Joan Kron discusses how people desire control over their possessions. She gives many reasons why people own certain possessions and reasons to why they are so important to the person. I agree with many of the points that she offers, but I also disagree with a few. Kron discusses that the homes you live in, the cars you drive, or even the people you interact with are all signs of how well you’re doing in society or the money that you have. People buy certain items to show wealth, competition, status, or a reflection of self. Kron writes Whether or not it is human nature to be acquisitive, it appears that our household goods have a more meaningful place in our lives than they have been given credit for. What comes across in a wide variety of research is that things matter enormously. Our possessions give us a sense of security and stability. People have put objects such as cars and homes high on the priority list in order to feel secure and stable in their environment and in front of their peers.

People today put so much value on a disposable item that we can buy and replace at our convenience, I feel we have lost hold of the most valuable item we have ever been given and that is life itself. Life gives us a sense of both security and stability. The very breath we breathe gives us security in life and our loves ones give us the stability to deal with the tough road that life leads us down. The cars, houses, cell phones, and even the cribs are just luxuries to our lives. These luxuries just give us added comfort. For without life these luxury possessions would have no value, no meaning, and no security. They would have no existence.

Life was given first and we have truly put it last. We have placed it in the back seat to material possessions. We have almost made it disposable. We find ourselves investing more time in our jobs in order to create more money to buy more toys. Kron’s argument, which may be applied to the thinking of some “rich clothing” buyers, “One aspect of personalization is the big I, Identity. Making distinctions between ourselves and others.” People wear a certain brand of clothing to give themselves and identity or to join the identity that one brand portrays. I believe that it doesn’t matter what clothes you wear of what cars you drive, but it’s what is inside of a person that matters the most.

How else should one relate to the Joneses if not by keeping up with them, asked Mary Douglas provocatively. The principle of reciprocity requires people to consume at the same level as ones friends. If we accept hospitality, we have to offer it in return. And that takes the right equipment and the right setting. But we need things for more than keeping level with our friends. We human beings are not only tool maker but symbol makers as well, and we use our possessions in the same way we use language, the quintessential symbol, to communicate with one another. According to Douglas, goods make the universe more intelligible. They are more than messages to ourselves and others, they are the hardware and the software of an information system. Possessions speak a language we all understand, and we pay close attention to the inflections, vernacular, and exclamations. I believe that the possessions you own do not make you higher up in society. Other people make look at you as if they do. Possessions are just things, they aren’t real. What’s real in society is the people that live in it and all the different kinds of lifestyles that you have the chance in your life to be introduced to them. Happiness is not having wealth, but more or less it is if you are happy with just being who you are.

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I believe Kron did a very good job in her essay helping people that read it become more in touch with there selves. Possessions in life do make you happy to a point. The best part is if you have someone in your life to enjoy those possesions with. I still agree with a few of Kron’s points in her essay, but not with all. After reading her essay, though, it helps me to think more of a person than just what kinda of lifestyle they appear to have.

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