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landmine awareness

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Educating families on landmine awareness at times seems fruitless, when faced with the

fact that thousands of innocent civilians are maimed or killed each year, and half of the

children in your classroom are amputees. In following paragraphs, you will learn why

our world is faced with this problem which stems from an unfortunate by-product of civil

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unrest and war.

To help understand the problem, we will discuss what a landmine is, and the danger it

imposes. An anti-personnel landmine defined in layman’s terms is a small explosive

device placed under the surface of the earth, triggered to explode upon intimate contact

with a person. Landmines are designed primarily to deny access to land and it’s

resources, causing deprivation and social problems among the affected populations. The

medical, social, and economic consequences are immense.

The issue with landmines in the world today is much more widespread than most people

realize. By most recent estimates, there are over 100 million landmines in more than 68

countries around the world. Used for a variety of purposes, the assumed abandonment of

these small deadly devices is by no accident. A typical situation is one where a military

convoy uses landmines to create a secure perimeter during an overnight bivouac, and then

leave the mines the following day, to be used again at a later time. Mines are inexpensive

and an effective deterrent against rival armies, therefore they are plentiful. Another

reason for the “abandoned” mines is that it is much safer to place a landmine, than to

recover one. Records and maps are not kept to show exactly where the mines are laid.

This fact poses serious challenges for the success of the recovery and reclamation

effort which we will discuss later.

Adverse social and economical symptoms abound within the affected countries.

Land once used for agricultural purposes is left unworkable. Trails leading to water

sources are not passable. Livestock numbers dwindle, for grazing pastures are swiftly

becoming non-existent. In the Middle East for example, mere survival is unfortunately

the most pressing issue for many women, where they must nurture and care for their

families under extremely adverse conditions. When a breadwinner falls victim to a mine

accident, his widow must care for the disabled, and struggle to provide food and shelter

for the remaining family members. The periodical, Landmine Monitor, reports that five

to ten men die each day in Afghanistan, due to landmine accidents.

So, what is the world doing to help mitigate this horrific problem? Involvement today

can be found coming from a variety of sources, both governmental and non

governmental. The United Nations takes a proactive role in many facets of landmine

awareness, to include socioeconomic assistance to poverty stricken countries. It should

be known that the average cost of laying a landmine is three dollars, however the cost of

removing one can exceed ,000 dollars. The bulk of assistance however comes from

volunteers, and from various non-profit agencies such as the PFP (Physicians For Peace),

and LFL (Limbs For Life).

In conclusion, landmines impact a range of issues, including peace and conflict

resolution, the environment, arms control, economic development, human rights and

health. There are those who campaign to ban landmines, waging a battle not to win a

war but to win an enduring peace. War-torn societies can never be rebuilt if people

continue to fear for their lives with every step they take. The landmine problem is real,

and should be addressed with diligence. A strong hand to those who contribute to the

menace, and compassion to the victims of the aftermath.

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