Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Word that describes me

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One word

I’m tying to write this essay on one of the roughest days of my life, so it’s not easy. When the assignment was left, I had no idea how hard it would be to find a word that describes me. I have wondered if the word that I believe describes myself is the same word others would choose to describe me. I am a bizarre person. The reason I choose this word to describe me is simply because it was suggested by my only friend. However, it fits me quite well. After all, I do hear odd music, and act somewhat unusual. Sometimes I find myself acting in ways I don’t even understand; like pretending I’m a chicken in front of a complete stranger, or simply throwing my arms around me and dancing weird. I have no idea what controls my actions, but I sure do very crazy shit. In fact, after today, I’m prone to doing very crazy/stupid things, acting bizarre for those who have no clue what just happened, for those who don’t understand. But after all, “saying something is stupid is often a sign of ignorance.”

But, how accurate is bizarre for me? After all I’m not “strikingly unconventional,” or am I? I’d say some times but not always. However, once you get to truly know me, you’d believe I’m a weirdo. Sitting on a car and hearing my music would make you dizzy, it would drive you nuts. I have difficulties finding people who like my music; often times I’m begged to change the music. The fact that I might start screaming this moment or the next makes people around me feel uneasy. I somehow act like a freshman.

Finally, to discover the real bizarre in me, you would need to know me. But ask Sebasti├ín Villarreal, I’ve scared him a couple of times already with my bizarreness. He suggested the word, and it fits incredibly well. Maybe one day you’ll find out about the things I couldn’t describe, maybe because I was to ashamed, couldn’t find the words, or simply because this day sucked.

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