Monday, April 23, 2012

Spiritual Healing

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Throughout the entire USA there are 44 States that allow laws for a process called Spiritual Healing to exist. Spiritual healing is where people belong to a religion that does not believe in modern medicine or healthcare. The question today is ‘Should the spiritual healing law exist in 44 out of the 50 States?’ The answer to this is no. When a young child is ill it should be a mandatory procedure to take that sick child to a doctor for medical treatment. Just because this kids parents are people who believe in treating sickness through “magical” prayers, doesn’t mean that the child should be held from its right to live. I do believe however in freedom of religion, but to a certain extent. I see the situation as more the parents being stubborn and ignorant to technology. If science has created ways to beat the everyday illnesses then we should all gladly commit to these methods so we can live longer and healthier lives.

Throughout this video people mention how viruses cannot hear prayer and unfortunately this is a know fact. A virus cannot be stopped simply because we kindly ask for it. They must be treated with anti-viruses and other antibiotics. People have wake up and change their old ways. The world is improving and for that we should all be appreciative. The questioned family in this video should have cut their losses after the first child died because ‘Spiritual Healing’ failed. But to be that ignorant as to lose another child is sickening to think these people are voting and participating as our countries strives for success.

In this episode of Law and Order the people who even believe in spiritual healing are in a sense questioning their religion by saying that ‘no religion is perfect’ and ‘our religion is not perfect’. Here this should be evidence enough to not even attempt to gamble on a child’s life. If spiritual healing is not a for sure bet then why risk losing a life when medical science procedures are a certainty. This is clearly why the spiritual healing law should be exempt from all states within the USA.

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