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Waterfall Model

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Waterfall Model

This is a concept of managing the development of something innovative and complex.

The project must be defined in clear phases. One step must be completed before the next task can be started. Phase completion depends upon wheter the outcome meets the requiremtnes stated in the previous phase.

The phases of a typical waterfall process are

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-Example Club secretary is fed-up with keeping manual records.


-Preliminary explortaion of solutions including

-Is anyone else doing the same or similar?

-Risk analysis

User definition of system requirements

-What the system can do.

Developer definition of system requirements

-Initial analysis, analyse of user requirements, produces a developers versions of requirements. Prepare project plan.

-Proposal, System requirements document becomes an annex to a business proposal from developer to user.

-Detailed analysis.

High-level design

-Decompose into modules, aloocation to teams, and design tests for modules.

Detailed design

-Decompose further into units, so that one person can cope, design tests for these units.

Implementation and coding

-Code and test the components.

Integration and test

-Components and modules are brought together to form higher-level systems. And tested. Repeat until you have a working system.

System test

A fully working system should now be complete and the system is fully tested.

Acceptance test

Assess the system against the rquirements defined in SRD (System requirements document)


The system is used


-Correction, correct defects in the software relating to incorrect requirements

-Adaption, adapt to changes in the original software and hardware platform. E.g. simpler MS-DOS to Windows.

-Enhancement, Customer identifies additional requirements.

-Prevention, after many sets of changes, the software `deteriorates, or otherwise becomes difficult to maintain.


-Misinterpretations may surface early. Errors found during operations may cost one hundred times or more to fix than if caught during Software Requirements Review.

-Other problems may surface early; overspend; lack of feasibility.

-No major planning required simply developed step by step.


-It may difficult to completely define requirements at the beginning.

-It is almost impossible to accommodate, at a late stage, changes to requirements. After all, the requirements were agreed and frozen in the SRD.

-It is almost impossible to fit maintenance, or reuse, into this format.

- Problems associated with structured systems analysis and design.

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