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birth control

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Sex. It is all about making choices. There is a lot of controversy in many states about emergency contraceptives. People have different opinions about it. Some think it is almost like an abortion and others believe that it is just saving an innocent child from coming into a world with parents that are not responsible enough to have a child. Emergency contraceptives help by stopping the implantation of an egg into the uterus. They should be taken anywhere from 7 to 10 hours after unprotected sex. Some states do not allow one to obtain the emergency contraceptive pill and today, there is legislation that is trying to get passed to change that law.

These pills consist of small doses of birth control taken after unprotected sex. The pills delay ovulation, preventing implantation of an egg. This contraception consists of two doses of estradiol that need to be taken 1 hours apart (Walling). There are side effects that follow this 1 hour process. The most common is nausea. Vomiting occurs in some women. If a woman were to vomit, the effectiveness of the pill would drop to zero.

Emergency birth control is in major controversy in many states. It is used by 4 to 5 percent of women ages 18-44. There are only three states that allow one to get emergency contraceptives over the counter. Most states make a person get a physical exam before they are able to take the pills. In 00 fourteen states are considering legislation to change the laws of the over the counter emergency contraceptives (Stryker). This way it is more confidential and women are able to obtain the pills easier. There are only a few different emergency pills that women can take if they participate in unprotected sex. There are other ways besides emergency contraception that women are able to use in order to prevent pregnancy. Some women choose to have an abortion. Condoms are a great way to prevent pregnancy as long as they are put on correctly.

Emergency contraceptives are argued because some physicians and patients believe the process depends on preventing implantation of the egg. This is considered unacceptable because it is very similar to an abortion (Walling). It isn’t close enough to an abortion because it is not actually killing a breathing baby, it is just destroying the egg that gets implanted in the uterus. It doesn’t kill the egg once it is already there. Once the egg has been implanted, the pill does not affect or cause any birth defects to the implantation of a fertilized egg (Reitman).

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The emergency contraceptive used to have to be taken within 7 hours of unprotected intercourse for it to be effective. Recently, there have been studies showing that the pill lasts more than 7 hours. There have been several tests run on the pill and showed that it can pass the 7 hour time frame and can last up to 10 hours. Emergency contraceptives are helpful for women who have unprotected sex on the weekend and aren’t able to get into their physician’s office (Reitman). The study showed that at the end of the 7 hours, the effectiveness of the emergency contraceptive doesn’t drop completely. The effectiveness rate drops more and more the longer one waits (Reitman). It has been proven that the contraceptive stays effective two days longer than originally said when it was first introduced. There was a test taken at a clinic of 1,00 women who took the pill after the 7 hour time frame and out of the 1,00, only 65 pregnancies occurred (Walling). Very few side effects in emergency contraceptives occur today compared to when they first came out.

There were over ,000 unintended pregnancies that occurred from raped women in the year 000. The emergency contraceptive is available to those rape victims if they go to the emergency room but is not available to irresponsible women over the counter in most states. One has to have a check up and answer a lot of questions before they are able to obtain the pills. It is more expensive and harder to get than day to day birth control so women don’t count on it as a main form of emergency birth control. It’s only a backup (Reitman).

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