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Can Computers Think?

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Can Computer Think?

Is human intelligence different from machine intelligence? In order to answer that question, we must define intelligence. Does a human being who has been pronounced “bread dead” think? It’s the degree or level of thinking ability that’s the basis for defining intelligence. Just as data or information is stored and manipulated in a human brain, computers likewise process information. The difference lies in the manner in which each acquires information that helps to differentiate the definition of intelligence. I don’t believe that human intelligence and computer intelligence is the same thing.

Unlike humans, computers have no emotions. They lack this vital human component that to some extent is needed to deliberately reflect or consider facts. These feelings are involved in the thought process or at the very least help us to reason. Computers will never have a conscious. Some people may argue that there are some humans who also lack compassion, and therefore are perceived as cold, heartless, uncaring individuals. Even under these circumstances, the human mind is driven by some other if not oppositional emotion.

Human intelligence therefore cannot exist without wisdom or an understanding heart. Humans have the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships. This is something that computers will never be able to do because they lack emotions. Even if computers are programmed with data to simulate human responses as found in virtual reality, they have not accumulated philosophical or scientific knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study. In other words they cannot appreciate that process because they do not possess emotions. A computer’s reasoning does not consider what a sound judgment or decision is and how it will greatly alter or determine a human being’s future if it cannot or does not logically share the same background or make up as humans. This is what makes each individual unique.

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When we accept that human intelligence and artificial intelligence is the same thing then we are relinquishing freedom.

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