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creation of Japan and the Univers and Amaterasu

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In the creation of the Universe and Japan, heaven and earth were one mass, like and egg. The first god was a reed-shoot shape that floated in the void, and then other gods followed. The two youngest gods were Izanagi and Izanami no Mikoto. The two stood on a rainbow and wondered if there was land below, so they pierced below with a jewel spear and the material that came up and floated on top of the water became an island. The gods moved there, built a palace and married. The two walked separate ways to explore the island. When reunited, Izanami spoke first of what she had found. Later Izanami gave birth to a leech child who they put out to see to let the winds determine its destiny. The two went to heaven to question why she had a baby that was unusual. The two gods learned that because she spoke first it was improper and bad luck so they were to try again and let Izanagi speak first. Next time, Izanagi spoke first and the couple had 8 children, each an island that joined and made a country. Izanagi then exhaled a child, who would be the wind god so that he could spread out the mist that covered them. Then the gods created the gods of the sea, mountains, rivers and trees in order to make the country beautiful. The next step was to create a god of the universe so they produced the sun goddess, Amaterasu Omikani, whose radiance illuminated the world. The sun goddess was sent to live in the heavens and rule the universe. Soon after, the moon god was born and sent to live with Amaterasu as her brother, and husband and the two would rule together. Next Susano-o-no-Mikoto was born and created lots of havoc. He was given the power to rule earth, but misused it and was banished to rule the Netherlands.

Amaterasu sent the god of the moon to earth to serve the goddess of food. The goddess of food spat all different foods across the land, and prepared them on 100 tables to be eaten by the moon god. He was offended that she spit food from her mouth and he killed her. After returning to his wife/sister, he told her what he had done. Amaterasu reacted by telling him he was evil and that she did not want to see him again. As a result, the sun and moon lived apart from each other, divided by day and night.

Amaterasu sent her messenger to the land and he brought back much food, which emerged from the food goddess’s dead body. Amaterasu planted the seeds of the food in the land so that humans could eat it. She appointed village chiefs to supervise the farming, and created the art of raising silkworms and collecting the silk thread. Meanwhile, Izanagi and Izanami banished their son, Susano-o-no-Mikoto to the Netherlands to rule because he could do less damage there. Before Susano left for the Netherlands, he went to heaven to visit his sister. Amaterasu armed herself with bow and arrow when she heard of Susano’s visit. Susano says that he had come for a short visit and Amaterasu wished to believe him and allowed him to stay. His short stay turned into a long one where he grew jealous of the sun goddess’s good fortune, and acted quite rude. He ruined the troughs and pipes, the rice fields and the purity of the palace. His sister overlooked these things because she wanted to see the best in him, but when he threw a colt in the room to disrupt her while she was weaving cloth, she could not tolerate it anymore. Amaterasu went to a rock cave and isolated herself, and there was no light. In hopes of her return other gods made offerings, danced and chanted for her. The curious goddess opened the door and the gods rejoiced when she rejoined them. Susano was then punished and banished from heaven and central reed plains and began his venture to the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Izanami was dying because she had given birth to the god of fire and was burned. As she was dying she gave birth to the earth goddess and the water goddess. The fire god and the earth goddess married and had a daughter who produced mulberry trees, silkworms and grains from her body. Izanagi was bitter and sliced the fire god into pieces, which became gods. As Izanami traveled to Yomi he followed her because of his love. He was told to leave by his wife and didn’t. He saw her decaying body, which angered her and caused her to send 8 ugly Yomi females in pursuit of him, but he managed to block them off. The couple argued and threatened until they decided to end on peaceful terms and Izanagi promised to never return to the dark land of death again.

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The great goddess myths gave great authority to the female gods, which was a nice change. The females served as the sovereigns in society and had rights to override decisions of other gods. The Great Goddess Myths are inspiring to women, not only of Japanese descent. To me, these kinds of myths serve as a feministic defiance of the norm, which plays an important role in my life. It’s about time that women rule society because things become more organized. For example, if we look at Japanese people today we see how respectful and organized they are and from what I can see, the females represent authority and strictness that creates this wonderful quality in their youths. Questions I ponder over these myths are How did women get so much power? Also I wonder who created Izanagi and Izanami? Another thing that bothered me was why didn’t Amaterusa kill the moon god, her brother? Was it that she showed compassion? Was that what made the society so functional? Overall I liked The Creation of the Universe and Japan and Amaterasu. They were short and flowing and Amaterasu seemed to serve as a kind of sequel with more details, which showed the continuous female dominance in the culture.

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