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fitness testing

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Muscular endurance test

Sit up test

We do this test to test physical strength and endurance and we keep the results to see progression or need or improvement

It is important to have good physical strength and endurance if you are a footballer because you have to be able to last 0 mins in match a situation and strong enough to hold of opponents

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The average sit up amount for a young person is between 15 and .


5 5-44 45+

EXCELENT 45-5 40-4 5-

GOOD 0-44 5- 15-4

AVERAGE 15- 10-4 5-14

POOR 14 4


5 5-44 45+

EXCELENT 40-4 5- 15-

GOOD 5- 15-4 10-14

AVERAGE 10-4 6-4 4-

Press up test

We do this test to test physical strength and endurance and we keep the results to see progression or need of improvement

The average press up amount for a young person is between 0 and 4.


0- 0- 40-4 50-5 60 +

EXCELLENT 45+ 5+ 0+ 5+ 0+

GOOD 5-44 5-4 0- 15-4 10-1

AVERAGE 0-4 15-4 1-1 18-14 5-

POOR 1 14 11 7 4


0- 0- 40-4 50-5 60 +

EXCELLENT 4+ 5+ 0+ 15+ 5+

GOOD 17- 1-4 8-1 6-14 -4

AVERAGE 6-16 4-11 -7 1-5 1=

POOR 5 0 0

1 Minute Run Test

Equipment needed

Football pitch

Stop watch


Pen paper (record data)

The football pitch


The test

All start at the corner flag , blow the whistle to start and start the timing everyone are instructed to pace them selves and complete as many as possible in 1 mins. And after 1 mins blow the whistle to stop and record how far everyone got , to do this look at how many laps they did and at what point they have stopped on the current lap .

E,G if they completed 8 laps and got to point 6 on the final lap

There score would be ( 8.6)

On Completion

Record the scores

The venue

The date

The time of day

You must complete these to ensure when the test is taken again it is a fair test.

This is a good test to find out what peoples stamina’s like . You can also use this to improve peoples stamina by doing it regular . stamina is important in football because players have to keep up with play .

Fitness Tests In Football

Why Do We Do fitness tests in football

Check fitness levels .

To compare players in the team .

Different levels of fitness for different positions.

Set own personal targets .

Useful when players are injured help find out correct fitness levels when fit.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Components of fitness


Blood pressure


Lung performance

Resting heart rate


Body fat %

Circumferential measurements




Waist to hip ratio

These test are also relevant in everyday society they determine weather you are in a good state of well being and healthy for life .

Sit and reach test

Flexibility for footballers

This is a flexibility test which is important for footballers because they have to be able to move in any direction to control the ball.

And Good hamstring flexibility is import for football players in the ball kicking skill.


The ability to maximise the joints range of motion. The elasticity of the muscles . This is how limber or supple you are .

Depends on

Muscle suppleness

Type of joint

Poor flexibility hinders both speed and endurance since the muscle has to work harder to overcome the resistant.

The test

This test involves sitting on the floor with legs out straight ahead. Feet (shoes off) are placed flat against the box. Both knees are held flat against the floor by the tester. The athlete leans forward slowly as far as possible and holds the greatest stretch for two seconds. Make sure it is a smooth motion a you lean forward and that the fingertips remain level and the legs flat on the floor , you need to hold the stretch and then record you score .


The reliability will depends on the amount of warm-up allowed, and whether the same procedures are followed each time. Most norms are based on no previous warm-up.


This is the most commonly used test of flexibility, so there is lots of data for comparison. Also, it is a cheap, easy and quick test to perform.


Variations in arm, leg and trunk length can make comparisons between individuals misleading.

Equipment sit and reach box





15-1 0- 0- 40-4 50-5 60-65

Excellent 8 7 4 4

Good -5 -6 -6 18- 17- 14-1

Average 18- 1-1 17-7 1-17 1-16 -1

Below aver 1-17 14-8 1-16 7-1 5-1 4-8

Strength tests

Strength is measured by performance of maximum muscle at a controlled speed.

Common test used

Hand grip dynamometer

Dead lift dynamometer

1-rm muscle specification test - 1 repartition max , maximum weight lifted

It is important for sports people to have strong muscles to perform at the highest levels .

1 rm bench test

This is the most common strength test used within gyms and fitness associations.


Simple to administrate .


Requires minimal equipment standard norm table easily accessible.


Only indicates muscle strength in upper body

Differences in performances with different hand grips

Poor indicator of sports performance

Participants may have poor technique

Administering the test

hand positions need to line up with Olympic bar

Warm up specific for the test

Pelvis flat on the bench

Breath in on the way down and out on the way up

Must be preformed at a controlled speed

Maximum of attempts to perform test

1- min rest between each attempt

Record maximum weight lifted

This is the table of norms for this test

17- 0- 40-4 50-5 60+

excellent 1.6 1.08 0.7 0.86 0.78

Good 1.17-1.5 1.01-1.07 0.1-0.6 0.81-0.85 0.74-0.77

Average 0.8-1.16 0.86-1.00 0.78-0.0 0.70-0.80 0.64-0.7

fair 0.88-0.6 0.7-0.85 0.7-0.77 0.65-0.6 0.60-0.6

poor 0.87 0.78 0.71 0.64 0.5

Illinois agility test


Agility is being able to change direction quickly and accurately combined with speed , power balance and coordination .

Agility is a key factor for a footballer because they have to move around the pitch changing direction at high speeds .

The Illinois agility test

This is the course


The test

Start , you have to lay flat on your stomach and on the command go you have to get up and complete the course as quickly as possible


Excess body fat would affect the football players ability to move freely around the field, and the extra weight will increase fatigue.

Body composition refers primarily to the distribution of muscle and fat in the body, and its measurement plays an important role in both sports and health. Excess body fat may lead to obesity and increases the risk of getting many diseases. In sports, excess fat hinders performance as it does not contribute to muscular force production, and it is additional weight that requires energy to move about.

Body composition is often represented as a two compartment system;

lean body weight

fat weight.

The fat weight is then expressed as a percentage of total body weight.

percent body fat = (fat weight / total body weight) x 100.


Lean 8% 1%

Optimal (8-15%) 1-0%

Slightly over fat 16-0% 1-5%

Fat 1-4% 6-%

Obese 5% %

The areas in which I took the reading were the

sub scapular - shoulder blade =8

Supra illiac - waist =7

Bicep - upper front, arm = 6

Triceps upper back of arm = 10 total = 1


the Aerobic Energy System

Bleep test

The beep test, also known as the 0m shuttle run test and multistage fitness test among others, is a very common test of aerobic fitness.

The test

This test involves continuous running between two lines 0m apart in time to recorded beeps. For this reason the test if also often called the beep or bleep test. The time between recorded beeps decrease each minute (level). There are several versions of the test, but one commonly used version has an initial running velocity of 8.5 km/hr, which increases by 0.5 km/hr each minute.


The footballers score is the level and number of shuttles reached before they were unable to keep up with the tape recording.

Equipment needed

cones, 0m measuring tape, pre-recorded audio tape, tape recorder, recording sheets.


Reliability would depend on how strictly the test is run, and the practice allowed for the subjects


Large groups can perform this test all at once for minimal costs. Also, the test continues to maximum effort unlike many other tests of endurance capacity.


Practice and motivation levels can influence the score attained, and the scoring can be subjective.


This is the course it is 0 meters from end to end .

Standard norms for pro footballers

Position level

Goalkeepers - 11 - 1

Defender - 1-14

Midfield - 1-16

Forwards - 14 -16



BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It takes a persons weight in kilograms and divides it by their height in meters squared. For instance, if your height is 1.8 meters, the divisor of the calculation will be (1.8 1.8) = .14. If your weight is 70.5 kilograms, then your BMI is 1. (70.5 / .14)

The higher the figure the more overweight you are. Like any of these types of measures it is only an indication and other issues such as body type and shape have a bearing as well. Remember, BMI is just a guide - it does not apply to elderly populations, pregnant women or very muscular athletes.

The Test

BMI is calculated by body mass (in meters) and height (meters).

BMI = body mass / (Height x ). The higher the score usually indicating higher levels of body fat

Standard norm table

underweight 0

healthy range 0-5

overweight 5-0

obese 0

equipment required

scales and stadiometer as for weight and height.


calculation from standard measurements


BMI can be inaccurate, for example with large and muscular though lean athletes scoring high BMI levels which incorrectly rates them as obese.

Circumferential measurements


We measure Circumferential measurements because when the player get injured and is out of the game for quite long time he will only be able to return to playing again when his measurement ore back to the Same as they were before he became injured , they do this because when he is back to the same level they know that he is in the right physical stature to play.

Dessys measurements

Bicep = 11 inches

Chest = 7 inches

Thigh = inches

Calf = 16 ½ inches

Waist = inches

Comparing the tests

These are the areas that rob tested used

Aerobic Fitness -- bleep test ,shuttle run

Flexibility -- sit and reach test

Strength and Power -- vertical jump test ,maximal strength test

Speed -- Sprint time over 40m,

Body Fat -- skin fold method

Agility -- 505 agility test

These are the test that I used

Aerobic Fitness -- bleep test

Flexibility -- sit and reach test

Muscular endurance tests -- press up tests, sit up test

Body Fat -- skin fold method , BMI, waist to hip ratio,

,Circumferential measurements

Agility -- Illinois agility test

Strength and Power -- 1RM tests

We have used similar test because we have both covered the main aspects of a sports related fitness test . I have used a rang of test witch are easy and simple to administer on your own, at home . Not using hi-tec equipment which is expensive .

These are test that a footballer would have to do on a regular basis .

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