Friday, May 4, 2012

Give anti-radiation pills to homes: emergency body

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The State Emergency Management Committee in New South Wales recommended that iodine tablets be given to the public as a precautionary measure. They advised this because there are transports of nuclear wastes passing by from Sydney’s Lucas Heights reactor. The wastes help prevent radiation contamination in mostly children near Chernobyl. After the election the government said issuing the tablets would just bring unnecessary alarm in the community. But, committee chairman Brian Howard has said that the tablets need to be issued to protect community immediately if an accident should occur. “Dr Bill Williams says they have to be taken immediately. ‘The idea is that youre going to block the uptake of the radioactive poison. If you wait for half an hour, an hour, if it takes three hours for somebody to administer to you, you might as well not take it,’ he said” (anti-radiation). I think it’s irresponsible for the New South Wales not administer the tablets to the public just to save their name. They don’t want people to think that if the transport is endangering them, why it should pass by there in the first place. I think it would be best to give the tablets and create public awareness, also for the governments own benefit, because if anything happens all the fingers are going to be pointed at them. The article is telling about an environmental problem. It’s an environmental problem because the nuclear wastes being transported can be toxicant to the water. Also, the radiation can give brain damage to people and especially small kids and premature babies. This must be addressed because it is causing an endangerment to the community. I would address the problem by letting people know and creating a public awareness of the problem. I would also write letters to the government of the New South Wales complaining and telling them it would be negligent not to address the problem and issue the iodine tablets. I would continue to write letters until the problem was addressed.

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