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Globalisation is probably the most powerful trend of our time.Almost every single rich company in the world has taken part in the process. Some countries such as America, has more than one multinational company. Globalisation can never eradicate poverty. in fact, it has widened the gap betwwen the poor and the rich in develpoing countries.Between 160 to 17, the gap between the poorest fifth and the riches fifth of the worlds population is more than double. In spite of the benefits of Globalisation, there are still 1. billions people living on with less than one dollar per day and also similiar number of people without access to clean water in the developing countires.

Globalisation has an impact on everybody in the world. The effect of Globalisation depends on the circumstances and the place where ones live. This is because the people in developed countries will come to settled in the developing countries,therfore exploiting their resources.

Americanisation caused the loss of national identity and cultural changes in developing countries. and also the lack of resources in the developing countries, made them very difficult to compete with the western mass media. Globalisation has also increased the polarisation of wealth. the multinational companies in developing countries are exploiting workers there. They gave them low wages and made them work for long hours.

Information Technology has widened the gap betwwen the rich and the poor in developing cuntries. This is because in developing countries, there is a lack of knowledge for the poor. Therefore, they are not invloved in the information Technology Revolution.

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