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In History’s Words

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All of history is passed on through words, written or not. Our culture, beliefs, and stories are all passed on, in hope, that our later generations will learn them and remember their lessons. The most remembered are usually written; the great documents of our time have been preserved and are studied all the time. Though there are hundreds of great documents in history, a few stand out in our nations history, such as the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

The greatest documents in history didn’t gain fame or glory because they were grammatically correct or written in a certain form; they were famous because of the impact and authority they made. The Articles of Confederation was America’s first attempt at a government, but it had many flaws that needed fixing. The writer’s of the document and the people were somewhat off to the idea of a strong central body, and this showed on the Articles. States were given many rights, and the central government was given power to determine peace or war. The Articles were a rough draft, or a prototype government that was tested and didn’t work perfectly. The Declaration of Independence was the next part of our nation’s journey to maturity, it proclaimed to all, that America was to be it’s own nation. It was also a show of how respectful America is, because America did not have to give any reason for their independence. When Thomas Jefferson and the other founders wrote the Declaration, they told about every infraction and deed done to them, to make completely clear why they were breaking away. Besides content, the Declaration was written by a genius, who put it so eloquently that you could not help but read it, which is what they wanted. These two documents set the foundation for the rest America’s government.

Next in line came the Constitution, which had a profound impact on the world. The Constitution was the beginning of our great countries government and it laid the pavement for democratic governments around the world. In essence, it is the foundation of our country. Many people wrote the Constitution, it told of how the government was to be set up, run, and managed. Though the Constitution was able to work beyond its time, it still needed amending, one of these amendments was the Bill of Rights. The Bill Of Rights was actually the first ten amendments, stating in a legal document all of our God given rights. It gave us a group of set rights that each person was guaranteed. All these rights still hold true today.

In the Constitution it states all men are created equal, and in the Bill of Rights it states the rights they should receive, but these rights were not applied to African Americans or women. Though these documents are great each one has many flaws of its own, through the past we have constantly tried to improve our way of live, and hopefully we will carry this tradition on. Through today’s great people, writers, actors, historians, we will be able to pass on the same things that our predecessors did. Through our great writings and literature we will create our history.

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