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The most common Internet activity is e-mail. E-mail in its present form will never put the U.S. Post Office out of business, because of its lack of emotion. E-mail is widely used. It is as a way of keeping track of friends one would not normally relate to on a regular basis. This can be viewed as a largely positive phenomenon. Keeping in touch via e-mail is like having a pen pal without the deliberate act of sitting down to write a letter, licking envelopes, finding stamps, and going to the post office. Aside from its convenience, e-mail is a somewhat impersonal way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives.

Businesses use e-mail as a quick and easy way of keeping in contact with clients on a regular basis. It is less obtrusive than phone calls or voice mail. Follow-up or after-thought e-mail is less of an intrusion to customers than a second phone-call or voice message. Business thrives on push-button database contacts for marketing sales and finance.

E-mail can also be an excellent form of inter-office communication, an alternative to memo writing. It is the detached nature of e-mail that makes it less professional than a personal letter or business lunch.

Online greeting cards are less personal than tangible forms of birthday greetings and Christmas cards. Electronic cards are acceptable but are not a replacement for close relatives’ and friends’ birthday card greetings. Compared to the satisfaction one gains in receiving a birthday card in the mail or handed a congratulation letter for a job well done, e-mail is better reserved for more simple types of greetings. While it does have benefits, e-mail cannot replace closer human contacts.


A very popular form of online communication that many people find entertaining is chatting. Chat rooms are a way of talking to strangers from the safety of one’s own home. Online instant messaging can afford people the opportunity to meet others they would not have had a chance to meet otherwise. Although not a safe practice, many use the Internet as a means to arrange meetings with potential mates. Internet dating services such as match.com are available and for a fee, promise relational bliss but require human contact. This point alone demonstrates the much needed face-to-face interaction of human relations.

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