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Terrorism in the United States

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Terrorism in the United States

Terrorism has been a growing threat in the United States over the past eight to ten years. However, the government has always seemed to be able to protect United States citizens from harm caused by terrorists. Yet, on September 11, 001, the United States was attacked by a group of Islamic terrorists, lead by Osama bin Laden, known as Al-Qaeda. The terrorist group hijacked and crashed two airplanes into The World Trade Center in New York City. They also hijacked and crashed a plane into The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. The last attempt on an attack was a plane that was hijacked and it was apparently headed to the White House. Fortunately, the people on the airplane tried their hardest to fight the hijackers and the plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Many innocent people were killed in America and its people have done nothing to deserve this attack on our country.

Osama bin Laden is one of the one of America’s most wanted criminals. He has said that everything bad that falls upon the United States is a blessing. He has also stated that the end of the United States is drawing much nearer. As previously stated, he is the man behind all of the attacks that occurred on September 11. After the attacks on America, the government retaliated and attacked bin Laden’s homeland of Afghanistan. America bombed Afghanistan continuously and then proceeded to help the citizens by spending many tax dollars to repair and rebuild everything the innocent citizens had lost in all of the bombings throughout the night.

It seems that when you look back in history, the United States has always been involved with other countries, trying to make peace and show them that they can have freedom in their homeland. At the time of the attacks on September 11, the United States government had

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approximately five thousand troops in Saudi Arabia. The reason that the troops were there in the first place was to stand guard and make sure that Iraq was following the rules and not entering Saudi Arabia and flying in the no-fly zones, which is off limits to them. Apparently, Osama Bin Laden, who is the leader of the Al-Qaeda network, did not think this was a legitimate reason for the United States to be in Saudi Arabia. He absolutely despises America and wants his revenge on it.

The Al-Qaeda network looks at the United States Foreign Policy as being part of a campaign to repress the Muslim world. Supporters believe that the Muslim people are the victims of international terrorism lead and caused by America and the United Nations.

America has always supported repressive Arab regimes. Osama bin Laden believes that these regimes are oppressive and corrupt. He has said that the regimes are completely the opposite of humanity, justice, and peace. Because of these reasons, he also hates the United States, the American Armed Forces, and the American Government. America in no way wants to be in wars with other countries, but the government also does not want to sit by and watch terrible things happen to innocent people in other countries because of horrific leaders who like to kill, rape, and dictate.

Although it was said that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the terrible attacks, there is always suspicion that Hussein was involved. Hussein hates America for many reasons, beginning with the Gulf War. In August 10, the United States has put many economic sanctions on Iraq including trade on all goods except medicine and humanitarian food aid, banning all international flights to and from Iraq, and most other financial transactions. Then in April 11, the Security Council passed Resolution 687, which stated that the United States

would keep all the sanctions active until Iraq met conditions that the American government had set. Since then, America has watched closely over Iraq and Hussein. It was said that he might have had chemical weapons hidden in his country that he planned to use against America. Hussein has always been wrong to the people in his country. He dictates over them in a rude manner. All America has ever wanted to do is to try to help the Iraqi people to understand freedom and democracy, because America believes that all countries should be under that sort of government.

Many people believe that America always interferes with other countries problems. It is said that the United States is always brought into someone else’s civil war because of its help to foreigners. It seems that the government is always spending millions of dollars in aiding other countries with things such as medicine, medical aid, and food. For example, hours after we first attacked and bombed Iraq, the United States government was already sending over rations of food and medicine to help aid the Iraqi citizens. It is under no circumstances that the United States government wants to deliberately injure innocent people, but when America is in danger of being attacked, the government has to react in a way to keep all of its citizens safe and feeling secure. Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden both threatened America’s safety as a nation and President George Bush went with the only option that seemed possible, which was to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan where it was believed that Hussein and bin Laden were staying. As of now, the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are unknown. America is helping to provide a democratic government in Iraq at the present time.

World poverty has always an underlying problem to the entire world. Many people believe that poverty all over the world contributed somewhat to the attacks. Because bin Laden


comes from a very wealthy family, which is rare in the Middle East, he can easily have influence over other people with money. He tried and succeeded in making people believe that all America wants to do is plunder the riches of other countries, including the Arabian Peninsula. It is also said that the United Nations economic sanctions are the cause of such low living standards and civilian misery in Iraq. For a very long time, many people in the Middle East believed that it was America’s fault and no blame was pointed in the direction of Hussein, who had continuously robbed many people in his country of freedom, money and other important necessities in life.

In conclusion, September 11, was a very sad day in American history. It will always be remembered and the innocent people who were murdered in such a horrible way will always be in the hearts and pride of the United States. America did not deserve this attack and the future of the United States lies in the patriotic pride of its citizens.

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