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The Women

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Last week, I saw the play ?The Women?, by Clare Boothe Luce, at Curry theatre. I had a wonderful time viewing a beautiful performance displayed by the actresses on stage. It was interesting to see an all female cast, there performed brilliantly. Another distinctive feature of this play was the stage setting; the use of glass screens to create certain environments was a experience for me. The lighting was did not seem different, during serious scenes the lights were brighter compared to a dimmer feel in times of less seriousness.

?The Women? was a play about a group of women who had a friendship and how different events tested the bound they shared. It starts off in Mary Haines living room where the ladies are discussing several things mainly how Sylvia thinks Mrs. Stephen?s Haines? husband might be cheating on her with a hairdresser. The topic of cheating tends to dominate the play; it is the main course of conflict most of the characters have to face. Mary later finds out her husband is having an affair with Crystal Allen, who later confront each other at a shop. Mary tries to tell Crystal to keep her away from her children but Crystal keeps angering Mary. Later Mary gets a divorce from her husband and moves away to try and get peace. Little Mary is not happy about the divorce but cannot do anything about it. Later in the play she becomes the catalyst to the final conflict by telling her mom Crystal was sweet talking a guy named bob, Countess de Lage?s new lover. Mary decides to go to the party at the powder room where she reveals that Crystal was having an affair with Countess de Lage?s new lover. Mr. Haines hearing this news calls for his wife, Mary Haines. Sylvia is also upset her husband is having an affair.

Vanessa Davis, who plays Mary, was the most outstanding character in the play. She shoed poise in times of turmoil, she was tough when put against the wall and she always came out on top. For example, when she first learned of her husband?s affair, though she was unhappy she stayed strong acted wisely about the info her daughter gave her and got her family back together. Another character that stood out was little Mary, with a very soft and loveable voice I was able to feel the strain the divorce put on her. She like her mom was strong, smart and achieved what she wanted, her family back together.

The costumes were very professionally, sharp dressed ladies. The seemed to elude a 50s style with the long cigarettes in the pipes, tea during the day, the wealth they had. I could not identify with the old fashioned clothing?s but I understood the perspective the Clare Boothe wanted to audience to have. The lighting was great at all times it was not too bright or too dark. It was dark at less serious times and much brighter at serious times. Although the play had a serious feel thought, at time sit was very comedic.

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Overall, I think Clare Boothe put together a nice play that shows and exposes the problems a group of ladies faced and how the handled their situation. I will tell my friends to watch this play and even a mix of comedy and seriousness. I learned people react differently to conflict.

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