Friday, May 4, 2012

What I learned from Communication

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People sometimes have problems when they communicate with each other. The communication process is very complex and there are many opportunities for breakdowns to occur. As a result, people can become frustrated, instructions are not carried out correctly, people get offended, and conflict can occur.

When we communicate verbally with others, either in a conversation or in a presentation, our usual goal is to have people understand what we are trying to say. When we talk to others, we often assume they will understand us. Because we know what we are trying to say, so we believe obviously our message will get through. Right? Not necessarily. People bring their own attitudes, opinions, emotions and experiences to an encounter and this often clouds their perception of our message.

In fact, when we speak, only part of the words we use get through to others. Spoken words are unlike written words which can be recorded so that a person can go over it several times to ensure understanding. It is our responsibility to make sure our message gets across to our audience. Therefore, if we want our message to be understood, we must be careful of the words we use.

When we communicate, we need to put ourselves in our listeners¡¯ position How would the message sound if you were versed in the topic? Would you understand the message or would its meaning be lost on you? Would you misunderstand something that can lead to conflict? They¡¯re all questions worth thinking about.

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Remember always be careful in using of some words or phrases such as ¡°otherwise¡±, ¡°if not, I will¡±, which may sound like threats and offend the sensitive audience though you don¡¯t mean it. And don¡¯t hesitate to make a judgment, or press your ideas on others, because the improper way may cause rebel emotion even if your opinions could be approved,

The nonverbal communication also plays an important role in the verbal communication. People¡¯s expression can tell a lot of things. Is there a grin or a wrinkle on his/her face? Does he/she look eager or indifferent? Do take the advantages of a face-to-face talk, whereby you can obtain a great deal of information that cannot be gained by listening the words or plain voice.

Although I learned those above on the management class, I do feel that I can utilize it in my everyday life. It¡¯s not only useful for managers to communicate with their employees, customers or companions, but also for all of us to deal with the outside world around us.

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