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Hero’s, most likely everyone has a hero. It might be a cartoon or make believe character like Super Man, Daredevil, or maybe someone like Frodo or Gandalf. I can’t say that my hero’s are any of those now but when I was younger, yeah they probably were. My hero is a person that people don’t know, but if you do, you wouldn’t think of them as a hero but more of a criminal or junkie. He resembles Odysseus in many ways. He loved his family and he was very talented in playing the guitar and singing. I know you are probably thinking, “How does this have any thing to do with Odysseus?” but I will try to convince you into seeing my ways and showing you the similarities between the two.

Bradley Nowell is a very affectionate and loving man. The same goes for Odysseus and it is very clear. They both love the people closest to them. Odysseus loves his crew so much he only sees the good in them. Brad loves his other band members and has sense they were little kids playing together in their garage band. He had a lot of love for his dog Argus, and brads best friend was his dog Louie a.k.a Lou Dogg.

I Cant say that Brad Was the smartest guy in the world, but when it came to music he was pretty darn close to it, the same goes for Odysseus, he was smart in the art of war. Odysseus wanted so badly to go see his beloved dog Argus he loved so much but he knew if he did that his cover would be blown, and he could not risk that. Brad spent his last hours with Lou Dogg, walking on the beaches in San Francisco, and Lou Dogg was even there when he passed away. Odysseus had to listen to the Sirens if he wanted to make it home. Brad tried to quit his addiction to heroin and he did for almost years. Then he met his wife Troy, they got married seven days later he died in a hotel room from a heroin overdose.

When you are a talented person you can change the world and many peoples lives. Odysseus is very skillful and talented. He shot the arrow through all the axe handles. Odysseus made the bed out of olive tree, I can’t say brad did that but the music he made was very original and it was extremely good. He was a skillful fighter in the Trojan War and the killing of the suitors. He was a very artistic and creative person, as goes for Odysseus.


Odysseus is a very heroic person but to me Bradley is like a hero because he did everything and excelled in what he did like surfing all the way to schoolwork. Odysseus and Bradley do have a lot in common. Whether it is from love, to knowing what is right, or what skills they have. So I hope I showed convinced you they are the same even though they were in two totally different categories, king and criminal, but not as I see it I see it was king of country and king of music.

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