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Pro Abortions

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Abortion is a very issue with the world these days. Too many young girls or older girls for that matter are having kids that are not wanted. When you drive threw some towns and you see all these kids hanging out on the street corner because their parents do not care enough to keep them home, something is wrong.

There are the obvious arguments to abortion. Rape cases and pregnancy with girls at very young ages are usually the main reasons. But, it is also about other things. If a woman is married and they are not financially stable to support a child and they still have one, this child has not been given a fair chance even before it is born. Why have a child when you know you cannot financially support it? So, it can grow up in poverty and maybe have to suffer because it’s mother decided to have the pregnancy.

It’s not smart to put another kid on the street. The parents that live in bad neighborhoods because that’s all they can afford are bound to have their children grow up in a life of crime. Usually join gangs and get involved with drugs. If a person cannot control and love their child then they should not be having one.

The financial side of this is another big aspect. It is so much less expensive to have an abortion (for a pregnancy that you do not want) than to have to provide for that child for a lifetime. Clothes, food, school, health insurance, it all adds up and is much more expensive than the alternative.

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To all the people who are against abortion, why would you make a person have a baby that they do not want, so that this child is unloved and grows up without a good childhood and turns into one of the million people on this earth that are just hanging out on the street corner without a job getting drunk every night and causing trouble.

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