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Brave New World: Parallels To Modern Society

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Upon examination of the morals present in our society’s past and their decline into the current state which we live in, one can obviously see the decrease and break down of morality which has shown itself to us in the ways we live our lives in this day and age. Things like promiscuous sex, ramped drug use, murder, rape, divorce, lack of honesty, loss of respect for others and crime thriving in the world around us have become all too common as the values of everyday citizens get thrown out the window. We can see these things along with many others taking place much more frequently as time passes and this state of absent morality is slowly becoming the norm. The effect this is having on society is taking a tremendous toll. Many would consider our lives and the lives of the people around us emotionally unstable, leading us into a corrupt, unbalanced world.

The moral degradation present in Brave New World is an obvious parallel to our world and soon could be an obvious equivalent. One can see that the characters and society created in Brave New World lacks morals in sex, considering it a mere casualty, each sharing their body with everyone else in acts of self gratification with the conditioned quote, “everyone belongs to everyone else” being the brainwashed anthem of society. Drug use is encouraged and accepted as healthy with their take on LSD, being “soma” tablets taken for drug induced “vacations” whenever a person feels the slightest depression, nervousness, uneasiness or any emotional discomfort to keep the mind off of excessive thought. There is also little value placed on human life and it is seen only as a method of continually turning the wheels to mechanize society, each person having the sole purpose of being productive and consuming members of the community. Individual personality is abolished as the world controllers design each person’s destiny in social status or class, jobs, hobbies, likes dislikes and so on. And most importantly love, passion, emotion, all these things that make us emotive people driven by feeling is abolished, seen as ghastly unhealthy and strictly forbidden.

We would consider a world without morals to be one of corruption, chaos and complete anarchy but we are astonished to find that in Brave New World, it reflects only social stability. All is controlled and designed to be the way that it is intended with each person conditioned by the commanding voices and rhyming chants heard in pillow speakers and the occasional negative reinforcement by means of electric shock while living as toddlers and young, easily molded children to produce only what is best for the whole. Many would be surprised to find that similar mental conditioning takes place in our own lives in this day and age by corporations and their media which indirectly and unbeknownst to consumers are conditioning us and our society.

We are the all consuming American culture, every day of our lives we are subjected to advertisements in almost every form one can imagine; in print by means of newspapers and magazines which sometimes contain more ads than they do actual content, on billboard to be seen by all while driving down the street, in commercials taking one third of the programming time to sell you their product, pasted and posted everywhere at any type of sporting event on the walls, scoreboards and even completely consuming the total surface area of race cars, in pop-up ads on the internet that seem irritatingly unavoidable. An amount of money which would seem intangible and inconceivable to an average middle class citizen is spend every year by companies who are trying to sell us their product and the ones who repetitively cloud our vision the most with their ads are the ones profiting the most. But these ads are doing more than selling a product; they are selling ideas and ways of thinking. As a result of modern advertisement conditioning, women are conditioned to think that they can only be attractive by being unhealthily and grotesquely slender, often carrying the weight of mental diseases that force a malnourished life style upon their victims. Many people think that the only way to look good is by spending ridiculous loads of money on designer clothing. We also fall victim to the ever shifting trends. After companies spend thousands, even millions to discover up and coming trends, they steal them, commercialize them, and over sell them until they’re dead and it is time to give harvest to new trends. Our society can hardly recognize it but while this is happening, we are all being manipulated to respond in ways which corporate America intends for us that are not too unlike the ways that citizens in Brave New World are mentally conditioned.

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