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GRE sample essay

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GRE Sample essay

It is easy to sympathize with the sentiment expressed in the topic statement. After all, no one wants to feel inadequate to any task, including appreciating art in its various forms. This is perhaps why we¡¯ve all been in the modern wing of a museum, perhaps looking at a cubist Picasso, and heard someone whisper, ¡°My seven-year old can draw better than that.¡± But surely the fact that not everyone is sufficiently familiar with the artistic concerns that gave rise to cubism means that the entire movement was a scam.

The composer Leonard Bernstein, in his popular book on music (the title of which escapes me), wrote that there are three levels of understanding or appreciation of music. The most fundamental of these is the literal level of melody and words; the intermediate level is where we find elements of harmony and structure; and the most abstract level, one which Bernstein says very few are sufficiently trained to appreciate, involves the interaction of purely musical values. Surely, the same taxonomy may be applied to both painting and literature. Everyone can appreciate the subject matter of a realistic landscape, but fewer the techniques such as brush strokes and compositional decision, and still fewer the purely ¡°painterly¡± consideration such as tonal values. Or in literature, everyone can follow the plot of Shakespeare¡¯s ¡°Romeo and Juliet,¡± and many can appreciate the poetic deployment of language, but only those who have given some study will know that the prologue is in sonnet form that is echoed by the speeches of the balcony scene.

The challenge of some works of art, then, is that they address themselves more to the highest, most abstract level of appreciation. A painting that seems to be ¡°nothing more that some painted rectangles¡± does not appeal to the basic or even the intermediate levels of understanding. The artist¡¯s goal is to explore the purely ¡°painterly¡± values that play on that highest level.


Actually, it doesn¡¯t even require so much argument to demonstrate that the statement, at least as written, must be wrong. Just show our whisperer (first paragraph) one of Picasso¡¯s more representational paintings. At that point it should become clear that by any measure Picasso was a genius. Instead, we should qualify the statement to say that many great works of art appeal to many people, but some great works of art appeal only to a few.

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