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Young Dionysus went to the mountain of northern Greece, there he made a great discovery, a discovery so great it made him a god. The heavy clusters of grapes that grew on mountains were something that Dionysus loved to eat them and also drink the liquid juice it created. When the liquid was stored for several months it’s flavor was more stimulating. This was wine and eventually Dionysus became the god of wine

Dionysus would share his wine with many of his satyr friends; they were snub-nosed creatures and drinks many galloons of his delicious wine and then get drunk and into trouble. One day of his satyr’s named Silenus after he drank a numerous amount of wine was drunk on his donkey and wandered into King Midas’ rose garden. When King

Midas’ servants found him they took good care of him for ten days. When Midas took Silenus back Dionysus was very pleased and granted Midas any request he wanted to repay him back. When Midas heard this he was thrilled and asked to turn everything that he touched be turned to gold. Dionysus knew what would happen but still granted his request immediately.

To test his power Midas touched a branch and it was turned to shinning, twinkling gold. When he patted his dog it too was turned to golden statue. King Midas decided to celebrate by having a feast in his kingdom. Even though this power was amazing but also troubling. When he touched his fork to eat it turned to gold, when he took a piece of bread it too was turned to gold. He tried to drink a glass of wine but as soon as he touched it the cup was gold and when his lips touched the wine it too turned to liquid gold. Pretty soon almost everything in his kingdom was being turned to gold and it was becoming more like a sanctuary than a kingdom. If this kept on Midas knew he would die soon so he went back to Dionysus feeling very depressed and asked him to remove this curse that was on him. Luckily Dionysus felt pitiful for him and told his to wash his head and his body in the yonder river and the powers would wash away. Midas did as he was told and lost this unlucky power but the river sands turned a bright gold, as they still are today.


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