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... Greek and Medieval ideology of hierarchies - where one being is higher on the scale than others. Indeed this scale is known as The Great Chain of Being, where every entity was placed on a scale with God (an entity that exists necessarily, and which is the creator of all other entities) at the top and non-existence at the bottom. The higher up the scale an entity is the more perfections it was thought it have, God being at the top has all perfections. The definition of perfection therefore indicates that existence is a perfection by definition. Those at the bottom of the scale, have no perfections, the first living entity will moreover have one thing that those on the bottom do not, clearly existence. God being at the top of the chain has all perfections, those that are apparent in the lowest forms of life to those a rung below him.

The ontological argument has received considerable criticism from some of the worlds leading philosophers. Thomas Aquinas opposed Anslems idea that God exist based on the unproved knowledge that this entity was perfect. He claimed that Anslem could not claim to know the characterises of God before proving a God existed, the personality of this entity should and would come after the existence of the entity had been confirmed and validated. He suggested that the existence of ...

refore you have described it all e.g. instead of explaining the existence of the world, you explain everything in it, thus explaining the world. This therefore means that if the question of God seems to be something which you cant explain all you need do is d ne, which emphasis the Christian believing in Jesus as saviour and Lord. This service brings Christs followers together in unity. The Lords Super is a way of saying that Christians unite and obey what Jesus said at the Last Supper. The Roman Catholic Chuch uses the name The Mass. It is Latin and means ended or finished. To Christians the word Mass symbolises the special meaning given by the Roman Catholic Church to its central act of worship.

Some Christians dont celebrate the Eucharist very often. Jehovahs Witnesses celebrate it once a year. Presbyterians Churches used to hold the service about four times a year and Congregational Churches twice a month, but after the joined form of the United Reformed Church they asjusted the amount of times of the service.

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The Methodist Church has a Sunday Service which allows the sacrament with or without the sacred meal. The Church of England celebrates once a week. The Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Church celebrate daily. The different was that Christians celebrate the Eucharist depends on the way they understand the meal. Different names they have tend to hint what the emphasis that is given.

Churches that have altar-centred worship, have a priest or minister, to carry out the service. In some churches onl ...

otestant model of biblical interpretation. In this sense Goldmans research lacked validity, lacked depth and was one sided, it is important to remember that Piagets work had its own criticisms and weaknesses as well which Goldman did not consider. In Goldmans research it is unclear whether the concept of stages is intended to function primarily as a descriptive device or whether it is intended to have some explanatory role. No account is given in his research of how development from one stage to the next takes place, yet this is crucial if the stage concept is to have and significance.

There are also problems with Goldmans interviews design and content analysis. The interview design is problematic because of its selectivity and subjectivity. Goldmans interview design can be criticized also due to the nature of the stories and the questions that he used. Mathews (166) and Godin (168) suggest that the three biblical stories used by Goldman were particularly difficult narratives and that they were not representative texts from which you can make generalisations about religious thinking. Another problem is that Goldman modified the narratives for his own use in the interviews and by doing this he decontextualised the stories and shifted the emphasis of the biblical texts.

Goldman in his research calls attention to both the wasteful effort of teaching the Bible too early and also the difficulties this makes for children of limited development. He does not however believe that no Bible teaching should occur before the age of twelve - this is a widespread misconception of Goldmans work. What he actually believes is that before the age of twelve there should be a dramatic reduction of biblical material in syllabuses and he believes that the way the material is used is paramount. Goldman regards the Bible as the major source of Christianity for adults, he says that it is written by adults for adults, it is plainly not a childrens book. He believes that by inviting children to become familiar with the Bible too early results in boredom and confusion. Instead he thinks we should try to help chil ...

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