Wednesday, July 25, 2012

what makes caoimhe and stacey so sexy?

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well where can i start huh?! there is so much to write about. first of all we are the hottest piece of ass in this god for saken school and we have two of the most beautifulist boyfriends ever called liam and connor. we really think we are beautiful and you know we are too. we have the cutest lil smiles and the best green eyes. Pretty green eyes we worte that song too and we should of been in the video cuz our eyes are greenier than the girl in the video.... we are really smart people and very sophisticated and well trained. if you want to contact us email us on Caoimhez@hotmail.com and Stacey_Laffs@hotmaail.com. well boys and girls if you want any tips on how to be sexy and beautiful like us then email us so we can email you back and sicken you that you shall never be like us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa ha ha aha ha ah aha ha ha ha ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah abnj ju bw rikr brkh ruh jn ur u jf i ij kiej erjg klrej orn uerh ;oej kjr oerjg ;ijg ajkghnknkj j nj h nj h u i kokp o hiu bi ni gbgu b d s s s d d f fdfd f df d fd fdf df df df df df f df df d fd f d d fd f f f f f f g g g ggg ggg gg ggg g g g g gg h s s s s s dfsf fsf fs s f fs f fs sfs f fs fsf ff fs fs fs fs ss f[slo jni hsbufhjfsm fu fgbhnf f juhfsu hf u fgth jfkj hbfi su ofiu sfi u fgu upf ihgsfsi f uifo f 8 f0 ifois fs osi0 sfo sf sf oisf isfi ofi osi ofi fo fio fis fi soif osi fosi foios fi sf oisi f sf sf sf sf s fsf s f i got my information from our sexy brains......

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