Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Unforgettable Childhood Experience

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It was the most unforgettable chldhood experience I had in my life. It had affected me quite greatly and because of it, I developed a phobia of fire. I was only seven years old then.

Mama, Papa, where are you? I cried out. The raging fire was spreading rapidly and fiercely. I could not withstand the unbearable heat any longer. I was going to faint when someone with strong arms pulled me out of the house.

The ambulance had arrived. I was left without much strength, but was still shouting desperately for my parents. I saw the thirsty tonges of the fire licking the house which I had live in for seven years, trying to swallow it as fast as it possibly could. Heavy black smoke billowed out of the shattered windows. The dust and smoke also created a black and thick layer which blotted out the sunlight.The firemen were trying their best to put out the fire.

Just as I was feeling helpless, I heard my name being called. I turend round and saw my parents! At that point, I suddenly felt the surge of energy as I raced towards them and embraced them tightly. I learnt only later then that they had just been rescued.

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The firemen took two and a half hours to extinguish the blaze. Making sure that we were all right, the ambulance and firemen went off and the policemen also cordoned off the area.

We stood transfixed, staring at the burnt house. All that was left was only a blackened ruin with shattered windows. My parents were too shocked to say anything. Their faces were too, gaunt with exhaustion and hopelessness. I knew that the hard worked my parents worked for and put in for the past twelve years were gone, absolutely gone, gone with the fire! Everything was destroyed! And it was just a small fire, a small fire which was started playfully. An utter sense of repentance and sorrow started decending on me. I apologised to my parents, apologised for my playfullness and wildness, but I knew, I was never really forgiven...

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