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children under the influence

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Many people believe that children are more easily influenced by different ideas and stereotypes at a young age. Veronica Chambers and Scott Russell Sanders are two people with such beliefs. Chambers wrote about how she believed that because the Cinderella story was portrayed completely by whites that young children of different races would believe they couldn’t become princes or princesses. Sanders wrote about how growing up around different classes of people changed his views of how their lives are. His idea of the average man was someone who worked in coalmines and basically worked himself to death. I disagree with these authors’ ideas. I do believe children are somewhat influenced by what they are exposed to as they are growing up. But I also think that now children are exposed to so many different cultures and classes that they are not as easily influenced by any one of them.

Sanders described the working class men that he remembers from his childhood. He was only exposed to the lower class men who had to work themselves to death to survive. Sanders believes women have a harder life because they have so many paths to choose from in life. He noticed later in life that these views changed between different social classes. His fiend Anneke told him that she thought men had a harder life because they were eaten up with guilt. I believe that this is rarely the case now. Children are exposed to many different classes of people threw the Internet and television. I think children now have a better understanding of different classes.

Chambers believed that the Cinderella story was politically incorrect by having only whites in the play. Chambers believed that other races of girls and boys would feel they could not be princesses or princes because the characters in the plays and movies were not the same race. I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I think children are mostly unaware of the difference of race. The only reason children discriminate themselves from the characters in Cinderella is because of the beliefs their parents raised them with. No one is born believing they are different from anyone else.

With modern technology children are exposed to many different things. They associate themselves with different classes of people and different races without thinking twice. Many white children have grown up watching the Cosby show.

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