Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How is math important in our lives today?

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Math is important in our lives today for a number of reasons. These include the fact that it helps with regard to our knowledge and understanding of worldly issues through economics and politics. Math also comes out through aspects of our everyday lives, and can have definite significance and values concerning our futures. We may not feel that learning geometric sequences and vectors and probabilities are very fun, or useful to us, but what we do not realize is that they are useful-without us even realizing it.

Firstly, math can lead to good jobs-basic understanding of it is needed in most work areas, including business, engineering, accounting, and many more. Good knowledge of math can help us to understand everything from economics to politics to scientific formulas. Math helps us to date when things happened, like wars, and important political decisions, and scientific discoveries.

We can use the example of probability to show how math is vital to us. Probability is an aspect of math, that is most connected to us, because it is mostly understanding how to use our common sense. Most of us use the word “probably” often, which means that we are making a mathematical calculation, using probability, about how likely something is or is not going to happen, or be. Probability is also a great help to our justice systems. The judge or/and jury, will most likely be basing their decisions on the probability, according to the amount of evidence there is, of whether someone is guilty or not guilty. Math can also help our justice systems, because it is tied into science. If DNA sampling is used to place a certain person at a scene of crime, then math equations will most likely be used to figure this out. Also, times of crimes can be very important in helping to catch the culprits.

In addition, math is useful because it helps us budget our money. Some children, for example, might get an allowance once a week. By knowing how to multiply, divide, add, subtract, and use probability, they could figure out how much they would have if they saved up for a certain amount of time, or how much they should spend each day, until the next allowance. Being able to budget ones money, and taking into account hidden costs, helps them to become more responsible, and also secure with their money.

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Also, math can be used to help organize our time. This is especially regarding students. They need to put time in their schedule for both work and play. This requires a certain amount of organization, as well as math, to figure out what times to fit in homework, meetings, community service, and so on. So, math helps to keep a student organized, which leads the student to excel in their studies. Timetables, of course would also be very useful for people in the working world, and even those who do not work.

In short, math is very useful to us today, even with calculators and other forms of technology; it still comes in handy in a number of ways. Learning math can lead to good jobs, organization, security, and also help with courts and catching criminals. So, it is useful in our lives today, and always will be in the future, even if sometimes we feel like there’s no point in learning it.

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