Sunday, September 2, 2012


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Once upon a time there was a guy named billy. He didnt want to do his work so someone did it for him. I dont think Billy liked to do his work, as hey always went to the mall instead. He loved the mall of america, it was always the cutest mall in the whoile world. While at the mall that day he decided to buy some new shoes. Wlikes shoes you betho likes shoes you ask? Billy ! He even bought three pairs and went to town to show them off to his friends. Everyone loved them. Everyone in the town kicked dirt on his shoes and billy didnt like it one bit. He beat all the kids up and stole their lunch money. Is that not the worst thing? What a horrible day Billy said to Dwayne, and Dwayne replied I dont think they should have kicked dirt on your shoes, but at least you beat them up! Billy thought very different on the issue. He took Dwaynes arm and through it behind his back, stretching all the tendons until his face turned blue. Dwayne tried to reverse it with a kick to the knee, but Billy saw it coming and grabbed him by his genitals and smacked him across the face. Dwayne wriggled loose, and ran away. Billy got in the car and started pimping it. He picked up his favorite girls and let them get silly. He hit the gas, their hands crawled all over his body. Just when it was getting serious a police officer pulled them over. Quick to hide all the apparrel that could get him in trouble, he told hoe number one to shut her mouth and cram it...litterally.

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