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wTime flies and flies faster than you can ever imagine. A journey, which seemingly started days before, is on its final frontier. GIM started as a dream and has left me dreaming of the action ahead, the call of the jungle, calling its till now rested animal of abundance.

A chapter needs to be closed and open the gateways to another chapter of life. The conventional waits to give the realms to the contemporary. The following below is a brief fact sheet suggesting how far am I geared to take on the very best in a world where classics of today become the ordinary of tomorrow. The change is frightening and the frightening is definitely exciting. The exciting is me and this is me from A Zee.

1. Imagining the different path and walking it is my style of operations.

. Insight and intuition governs my decision-making and the two source their strength from past knowledge, experience and logic.


. I am a member of discussions, which discuss what is not already known. I hate perennial meetings, which just focus on reinventing the wheel all the time and go ga ga over it.

4. I love working with my hands and feel a greater sense of gratification when the job involves physical contact.

5. I have never shied away from expressing what I genuinely feel about ideas, people and issues. I know I can be an excellent diplomat but resist the temptation in favour of being upfront because I believe it’s more effective in the long run.

6. I prefer my work environment to be warm and friendly. I am also ready to challenge the rules or procedures that do not make sense to me.

7. I am basically able to influence people’s behaviour and their style of thinking. This is why I have a large circle of friends. However of late I have chosen to be more reserved in approach.

8. It’s been my dream and continues to be the numero uno desire to be called as the best salesman born ever. I believe we all are selling each other constantly in this world and this is one skill, which everyone should focus to develop all along.

. I am very social in my approach, which means I am able to cooperate with and gain cooperation from others. The reach is even deep with the ladies whom I can converse, convince and get convinced with much more ease.

10. It’s the smell of something new, which blooms up my day. I can give rise and create but maintaining is one of the lacunae I encounter.

11. Amoeba like nature gives me the power to mingle at ease and get accepted to any new group with the contagious energy levels.

1. I don’t believe in following the leader, taking orders squeeze my energy levels. Freedom in operations is an absolute must.

1. I am by nature an exhibitionist, I wont call it a deliberate attempt but stealing the limelight comes naturally to me. However this is dangerous in certain situations, like seeking the pleasure to sleep in class but get caught in this endeavour.

14. I am definitely an emotional animal. The feeling of being associated is of prime importance. If I don’t see my association I am rendered ineffe

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