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In reaction to “Antigone,” I truly enjoyed reading it, however, not as much as I did reading “Oedipus Rex.” That’s probably because I’ve already gotten used to Sophocles’s notion of drama. What really amazed me was how Sophocles wrote this play before writing “Oedipus Rex,” yet, wrote it as a sequel to his future play, “Oedipus Rex.” Did he know he was going to add the prequel of “Oedipus Rex,” or did he think of the idea later on? Moreover, if he thought of it in advance, why didn’t he just write the prequel first, moving in sequential order?

In some ways, this play was reminiscent of “Oedipus Rex.” For example, in both plays, early signs of foreshadowing appeared, hinting out the story’s outcome. Reading further into each, one can immediately smell the trouble awaiting the kings! Although the outcome became obvious, I still found it a pleasure to read, eagerly waiting for the ending.

In addition, the storyline was a very believable one. It consisted of characters that were perfect for their parts. At times, Sophocles added a little humor by having characters make fun of each other, while arguing in their disputes. For instance, when Creon was arguing with Teiresias, Creon didn’t want to hear the bad news, accusing Teiresias of bribery to bring forth such a forecast (considering his prophecies were always correct). In doing so, Creon’s typical use of humor to get his message across kicked in, making the play amusing to read. He told Teiresias, “The generation of prophets has always loved gold.”


Furthermore, the tone was very sad, considering the king’s fate was a horrible one. Like King Oedipus losing his father and mother, so too, King Creon lost his son and wife. Although it was a tragedy, this was a fun play to read!

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