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Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan

Marketing Strategy

STOG is a company that is bent on providing top equipment to aid the people who risk their lives in trying to help others. The company main goal is to save lives as well as facilitating work for our customers. Our marketing strategy is to provide an efficient and user friendly tracking systems. The product will be highly advanced by keeping up with today technologies that are available and further improved by constant research to improve the system. By providing an efficient and safe tracking system our company will establish a strong regional distributor network by laying a foundation for national distribution.

Comprehensive Plan

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The overall marketing plan for STOG products is based on the following objectives

1. To establish a financially strong, regional based GPS Company by providing the initial capital funding for the Company through private investor contributions.

. Work with the city and state of New York to establish a service agreement to be the main provider of the tracking systems to be use by the law enforcement department.

. To create an exclusive system tracking network of services that will help in the share of the profit that will provide the necessary funds to help the company grow faster.

4. Produce the latest and highly efficient tracking systems to meet the demand for providing a better tracking device that is used by the FDNY, NYPD and other departments.

5. Capture the attention of other potential customer that the company could expand to such as automotive industry as well as military.


STOG is setting up a contract with the city and state of New York to provide GPS services. STOG is providing a service for the law enforcement agencies in New York City and New York State. The main goal of STOG is to provide top of the line tracking systems that will assists the NYPD, FDNY, emergency workers and other departments in the law enforcement agencies in New York. The Company ideas expanded out of the disaster of 11. Many of the finest officers, firemen, and other heroes risk their lives to save others during that tragic event. To ensure the safety of the men and women who risk their lives everyday to help others STOG is setting a sophisticated tracking system to help in their work. The tracking systems will keep track of the personal who venture into dangerous areas to ensure they do not go missing or to send help to them wherever they may be.

The Company will provide technologies and training to the New York law enforcement agencies. These technologies will enable the tracking of every personnel when they are on duty. This is to ensure that every personnel when called upon for duty at every given time can respond to any situation quickly. If a disaster was to happen the tracking systems can help emergency workers and firefighters. As they enter the building the tracking systems will monitor there movements so no matter where they are they can be found. The tracking systems that STOG setup for the NYPD and FDNY will also help facilitate their work by helping to track the positions of the persons who they are looking. The tracking systems will be able to convert the telephone numbers of those who dial for help into latitude and longitudinal format. As a result STOG technologies will be a big help to the work that the law enforcement agencies do everyday.

The Company has considered to targeting alternative market before such as the automobile tracking market, fleet and other transportation market. Other market that has also been considered by STOG is the tracking of packages but these market are highly competitive due to the numerous of companies that have already started a long history of doing business in these areas of the market. The Company has of right now have decided to start with the market that it is in now. By building a foundation of providing top of the line tracking systems to state and city law enforcement agencies the company will slowly be able to test other market. As of now expanding into alternative market is on a standby but it is still part of the Company objectives in trying to become a leading global tracking systems company.

Sales Forecast

The prices for the Company’s product will be determined by an agreement that is made between the mayor and governor of New York and the Company to determine fair pricing. It is projected that the net profit for the services will be a


With anything that has to do with consumer-oriented product, competition for sales requires dedicated focus and resources. The GPS tracking market is a highly competitive market with some of the most highly sophisticated equipment that is used. But our company has found a niche that many companies see as a target. Most of the GPS tracking market deals with mobile phones, tracking packages, automobiles, boats and other transportation. Other companies in this market provide devices and equipment that are use for GPS tracking. Though STOG has found a niche to sell the product there are still some competitive issues that have been given careful considerations by the management of STOG.

• Capital Resources Well-funded and strong financial company can weather market irregularity, marketing and financial miscalculations, also new competitive products or services in the marketplace. Major companies such as AnyTrack solutions, Trimble, NSR (National Systems and Research Co.) are well positioned to participate in this market.

• Technological Advances New technologies and systems have allowed tracking to be more accurate and less expensive. New tracking system and equipment has introduced innovative products to the market.

• Marketing Strategy Major companies have been known to spend a large amount of funds generated from sales for advertising and marketing to try and capture a larger share of the market. STOG’s initial strategy is to offer the customer what they want most a cost-efficient and reliable systems to aid the departments who require them.

• Consumer Acceptability A majority of consumers will purchase a new product because of the appeal of the company background and the appeal of the label. It is extremely important to establish and maintain consumer confidence in the product. This is accomplished through new innovative products, easier to use equipment and becoming a distinguish company.

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