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Well Zee DOnt Count That Much On Ur Friend S@lva Caus When They Won Raymeck And ApplePie,Raymeck Was Late And He HAd TO GO Someplace For MAny Reasons So He Wasnt Able To Continue The Tournament ANd Able Plays Well But Hes Not A God,He Cant Kick Players ASs,Which Btw Would HAve Been Done If He HAd One More Tauren=Ur Friends LOOSERSSSSSSSSSS....I mean Raymeck HAdent Exept 6 Shamans ANd He Kicked Their a With them.U Can Check Replay For Further Imformation.



by the way zee i think u should know better how raymeck plays and how he played in that game and by the way why the hell do u have to always come towards me i mean i never came towards u or any NoR member ma heik??!?!?

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by the way merlin try getting salva,mouds,and mizos to the DWL we want as many players as possible to make the ranking more interesting

The Tournament Finally Ended At am After An Exhausting 10 hours Of Straight GamePlay...We Were Not 17 Teams Like In Feudal War 5,But Only 10.

I Would Like To Thank All The Player Who Participated To This Tournamement And Specialy The New Players That Came From Xplod Network (Mizos-Salva-Moudz) With The Supporters Bob-Khal-Moe-Castro0o0-Taboush-Zoe

Since We Were Only 10 Teams We Made Groups Of 5

Group A

No.R-Zee_Ratul & No.R-Fenomenon

cL-[Dn].Poison & General Omar

Cypress7 & NerZhul

{CMA}-Salv@ & {CMA}-Moudz (Clan My Ass)

[GoD]Devil & [GoD]NightmareDiablo

Group B

[IB]Applepie & cL-[Dn].Raymeck

cL-[Dn].Coolio & cL-[Dn].Neo

Jaloul & Ayman

Arena Team

No.R-MeRLiN & {CMA}-Mizos

The Results Of The First Group Stage

Group A

1st No.R-Zee_Ratul & No.R-Fenomenon (Won4 Lost0)

nd cL-[Dn].Poison & General Omar (Won Lost1)

rd {CMA}-Salv@ & {CMA}-Moudz (Clan My Ass) (Won Lost)

4th [IB]Devil & IB [NightmareDiablo](Won1 Lost)

5th Cypress7 & NerZhul (Won0 Lost4)

Group B

1st cL-[Dn].Coolio & cL-[Dn].Drake (Won4 Lost0)

nd [IB]Applepie & cL-[Dn].Raymeck (Won Lost1)

rd No.R-MeRLiN & {CMA}-Mizos (Won Lost)

4th Jaloul & Ayman (Won1 Lost)

5th Arena Team (Forfeit... Lost4)

The First Of Each Group Passed To The nd Group Stage ( Groups Of )

Group A

No.R-MeRLiN & {CMA}-Mizos

No.R-Zee_Ratul & No.R-Fenomenon

cL-[Dn].Poison & General Omar

Group B

[IB]Applepie & cL-[Dn].Raymeck

cL-[Dn].Coolio & cL-[Dn].Drake

{CMA}-Salv@ & {CMA}-Moudz

The Results Of The Groups Stage

Group A

In This Group Each Team Have Won 1 Game And Lost 1

Zee & Feno Won Against Poison & General Omar

Merlin & Mizos Won Against Zee & Feno

Poison & General Omar Won Against Merlin & Mizos

So The Group A Of The nd Stage Had To Start All Over Again And The Final Results Were

1st No.R-MeRLiN & {CMA}-Mizos (Won Lost0)

nd No.R-Zee_Ratul & No.R-Fenomenon (Won1 Lost1)

rd cL-[Dn].Poison & General Omar (Won0 Lost)

Group B

1st cL-[Dn].Coolio & cL-[Dn].Drake (Won Lost0)

nd {CMA}-Salv@ & {CMA}-Moudz (Won1 Lost1)

rd [IB]Applepie & cL-[Dn].Raymeck (Won0 Lost)

After The nd Group Stage The First Two Of Each Group Will Be Qualified To The Semi Finals

Semi-Finals ( OUT Of )

1st Group A Vs nd Groups B---------------------------------nd Group A Vs 1st Group B

cL-[Dn].Coolio & cL-[Dn].Drake Faces No.R-Zee_Ratul & No.R-Fenomenon Playing Amazing Games...Feno & Zee Winning Their First Game , Drake And Coolio Not Willing To Quit Have Made A beautiful Come-Back By Winning Their nd Game But Sadly Lost Their rd Game Which Allowed Team No.Rush To The Finals

No.R-MeRLiN & {CMA}-Mizos Faces {CMA}-Salv@ & {CMA}-Moudz In The First Semi Final Game Beating Them Straight Games Which Will Now Have To Face Zee & Feno In The Finals

Final ( OUT Of )

No.R-MeRLiN & {CMA}-Mizos Vs No.R-Zee_Ratul & No.R-Fenomenon

Zee_Ratul & Fenomenon Won Their First Game With Absolutly No Problem...They Always Had The Upper Hand

The Second Game On The Contrary Was Very Tight 4 Night Elves Were Facing Each Other With Mass Hunts+Archer...Some Mistakes Done By Zee & Feno Helped Merlin & Mizos To Take Control Of The Situation And Win Their nd Game

And Finaly The Third (and For My Opinion One Of The Best Game That Could Ever Be Played On A Final) Was Extremely Tight....And Very Unpredictable.....It Was Won After 5 min By Mizos & Merlin.. GGs


Prize 60 $$ Each

I Hope You All Enjoyed This Small Tournament It Wasnt That Much But We All Had Fun


[Edited on 7/1/00 by MeRLiN]

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