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John Kennedy A Political Profile

“A serious, meaty, objective study of a glamorous political figure....tremendously readable” - Mary McGrory, Washington Star is an accurate review of this book. James Macgreggor Brun’s book John Kennedy A Political Profile describes John. F Kennedy’s pre-presidential life, career, and the decisions he had to make in his early political career.


One point the author makes is John F. Kennedys childhood. John F. Kennedy was born on May th, 117. John F. Kennedy attends Choate, prestigious Connecticut boarding school, in John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy enrolls in Princeton and drops out due to an illness in 15. John F. Kennedy then attends Harvard for four years.

The author also makes a point about John F. Kennedys role in World War II John F. Kennedy joined the navy in 141 and eventually became a PT boat Captain. A Japanese destroyer rammed the boat in August 14. John F Kennedy’s boat was severely damaged. Two men were killed and the rest tried to stay afloat by holding on to pieces of the boat. John F. Kennedy led his men on a grueling swim to a nearby island. He received the Purple Heart, as well as the Navy and Marine Corps Medal

Another Point the author makes is John F. Kennedy’s stand on McCarthyism .In February 150, Joseph McCarthy made a speech in which he declared over two hundred employees of the State Department were members of the Communist Party. That speech began the era of “McCarthyism”. John F. Kennedy failed to take a strong position against McCarthyism, which angered Liberals because they said John F. Kennedy was evading a difficult issue

A final important point made by James Macgreggor Brun is that John F. Kennedy resolved the problem of separation of church and state. During the Late 150‘s Catholicism caused controversy in America. John F. Kennedy, being a catholic, made speeches in which he asserted that his faith would not interfere with his presidency, which insured that Church and State would remain separate.

In my opinion, this book is biased. Most of the research was interviews with Senator John F. Kennedy, family members, aides, and friends. This book was published in 160, before John F. Kennedy was gfdgdfdg, and some of the more controversial things John F. Kennedy had done were not yet revealed. Consequently, this portrays John F. Kennedy as a “glamorous” person. Also judging by the way the Author uses words such as “blarney” and “Yankees” in the first chapters, I believe this may imply that he is Irish, which I think creates a small bias.

During this reading I learned more in-depth details about John F. Kennedys political career before he became president. Such as, he defeated Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. to become Senator of Massachusetts, which he served for two terms. He was also in the House of Representatives for three terms. I did not know that he was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, a fatal condition that involves the impairment of the adrenal glands and the weakening of the immune system. His condition was kept secret from the public.

I would not recommend this book because it is outdated. There are several reasons, one is that the book mentions nothing of John F. Kennedys more controversial things such as his womanizing. Second the book was published before he entered his presidency and third that it does not talk about his death. Also the book takes awhile for it to get interesting.

My Opinion has not changed after reading this book. I already had knowledge of John F. Kennedy’s life and political career before, which influenced why my opinion stayed the same. In this book nothing really bad is said about John F. Kennedy because the public knew very little and the press was keeping it under wraps, unlike today. If there would have been more controversial things talked about in this book, then I think my opinion would have changed but my opinion has stayed the same.

“Charismatic leadership can be dangerous and may demand too much trust, blind faith, and dependence on a father image.” p. 17 This was the most memorable quote because I think it describes John F. Kennedy wonderfully. He was a very charismatic person and he used that to his advantage when running for offices. He also had an image that he tried to maintain and that is why many things about his personal life were with held from the public.

In conclusion, John Kennedy A Political Profile by James MacGregor Bruns describes John. F Kennedy’s the ways in which Kennedy dealt with different political situations, pre-presidential life and career.

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