Tuesday, April 9, 2013

History Family Traditions

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A change of traditions..

B) My family’s traditions have changed so much since we have moved to America. We don’t cook the same or talk the same or even read the same. I miss speaking Italian I even miss writing it and it is funny to look back and think that one day I would miss writing at all cause I had to write so much in elementary school the whole alphabet and I used to get frustrated but now it comes so easy. I wish we could still do the same things we used to but my Father says that here we have to be normal here we have to be Americans he says this so often that when I close my eyes I can imagine the exact expression that he has on his face while he says it. ( A scrunched up nose and narrowed twinkling eyes and with a big broad fake smile across his face.) ; But I guess I have adjusted , I had to.

G) Everyday at work this BOY walks by he looks like he is about Milo’s age. He is very cute but he appears to be very clumsy because every time he passes he always looks in my direction, and so much that he always tends to trip on something or run into someone or something however I find it kind of funny and well....kind of cute. I wonder if he will ever try to talk to me? I wonder if he is courting anyone? Could I be in love or something wait no I don’t even know this mystery boy but I want to. Maybe sometime I can say something to him. Maybe tomorrow I will try to sell him some fruit. Ohh but I were the fruit taken home with him. He looks Irish he has BRIGHT blue eyes and dark blond hair he is quiet tall too. I think I am going to try to talk to him. Father always said I was too outgoing but he also said he always loved that about me. So maybe other people including this boy will too....hopefully

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